Friday, February 8, 2013

Custom Crafted & Constructed Cat Condo

I know it's a lot of c's but I couldn't resist. My cat Mamba is a horrible little bugger when it comes to staying off my computer desk, my tv stand, my stove, my counters and pretty much everything else I don't want him jumping on. So, I decided to get him a big cat condo for him to jump, play and lay on all he wants. The only problem with that was that the bigger ones I was looking at were all over $200 and since I'm not made of money I decided to make one with the help of my step dad and his tools. He already had the wood so the only things I had to buy were the carpet to cover it with, contact cement to glue the carpet down with and the sisal rope I used for one of the posts and that I will also use to cover the ladders steps whenever I get time to do it. The structure stands a little over 4 feet tall and cost be about $50. And the best part is that it is an abstract and one of a kind piece that fits me. Here are some pictures from beginning to end of its construction to it being used by Mamba.