Saturday, April 6, 2013

20 Mini Bottle Alcohol Crate

For a 21st birthday present I decided to make an old style coke crate but smaller and instead of coke bottles put alcohol bottles in it.

1 piece balsa wood 6''x8''
2 pieces balsa wood 3''x7 3/4''
2 pieces balsa wood 3''x5 3/4''
4 pieces balsa wood 3''x5 3/4'' notched
3 pieces balsa wood 3''x7 3/4'' notched
sewing pins/stick pins
clear gel glue/wood glue
super glue/needle and thread
xacto knife
2 small screw eye hooks
2 1/2'' key rings

1. glue the 2 pieces of 3''x7 3/4'' and 2 pieces of 3''x5 3/4'' balsa wood to the 6''x8'' piece of balsa wood making a box shape.
2. use the hammer and stick pins/sewing pins to nail into the wood to help secure it together.
3. paint the box you have made and the notched pieces of balsa wood whatever color of paint you want it to be.
4. Once the paint is dry attach the notched pieces of wood together using glue to secure them inside the box making a 20 sectioned box.
5. If you want to you can also hammer in some more of the pins now to secure the grid in the box.
6. Attach the key rings to the rounded ends of the screw eye hooks and screw them into the top middle of the short sides of the box. You may want to also unscrew them and put some super glue or regular glue in the holes so they don't wiggle around and fall out.
7. Paint whatever pattern or design on the box if you haven't already done so in step 3. Since this was a 21st birthday gift I painted different styles of drinking glasses on the box.
8. Cut a piece of the ribbon off. The length will depend on how long you want the handle to be. Loop one end of the ribbon through one of the key rings and fold it back and sew it or you can use superglue to make it a little more sturdy. If you use super glue just be careful not to glue your hands to it! Once you are done with the one side do the same thing to the other and let dry.
9. Once it is completely dry go buy 20 mini bottles of alcohol and stick them inside the spots. The box is now ready to be given as a gift or enjoyed for yourself!