Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mini Bed

Here is the final piece of mini furniture for Hagrid's hut. It is his bed with its patchwork quilt and pillow. I took pictures of the bed with all the pieces removed then added them one at a time starting with the frame, mattress, quilt, pillow and finally pillowcase, so you could see every aspect of the bed. I also took the pictures next to a quarter so you can get an approximation of its size. The frame is made out of balsa wood that I glued and colored with a brown sharpie. The mattress is a piece of foam that I covered with brown fabric to make it look like a sheet. The quilt and pillowcase are both made from different fabrics that I glued together with fabric glue, and the pillow is a white piece of fabric sewn together and stuffed with cotton. I will hopefully have another post up soon that will show the inside of the hut with all the furniture in it, as well as the fireplace having logs and the light piece to make it look like it is lit. Until then enjoy these pictures of the bed!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mini Squishy Chair

This is Hagrid's squishy chair. I carved the base out of balsa wood and colored it with a sharpie. Then I used some round cotton pads as padding for the back arms and seat of the chair. Plain brown fabric is what I used to upholster it. It's very small and I took the pictures of it next to a nickle so you can see just how small.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mini Dresser

The most recent piece of mini furniture for Hagrid's hut is this dresser. It is made out of balsa wood that I colored with a brown sharpie. The handles are the flat tops of tiny pins. The drawers all open and slide out like a real dresser.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Let There Be Light!

Sorry for the long gap in my posts. I just finished moving and will have some more soon. This is my little electrical project that I plan on using to light the fireplace up inside Hagrid's hut so it looks like a fire is burning. It is just a yellow LED light connected to a switch and batteries with some wire. I'll post some pictures when I get it all hooked up to the hut and finish with all the mini furniture. Also keep a look out for the next piece of mini furniture because I'll be posting it in a few days.